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Hojo Magnetic Motor Review – Scam or Any Good?

This Post is about Hojo Magnetic Motor Review – If you are interested in producing your own personal electricity to Hojo Magnetic Motorpower your own home and reduce the power bills, reveal and simple to use magnetic motor guide like Hojo Magnetic Motor guide is definitely an efficient and cheap solution to suit your needs.:

What Exactly is Hojo Magnetic Motor?

This can be a device that produces an alternative and free energy that can be used at homes which often may help eliminate home power bills permanently! If you might be into looking new “energy” devices then I hope you read on because the rest of this review may prove strongly related your preferences. Recently plans were released to help visitors to create their particular energy device according to Howard Johnson’s patented Hojo Magnetic Motor.

How Does Hojo Magnetic Motor Work?

The Hojo Magnetic Motor uses two categories of magnets as opposed to the standard one group, such groups of magnets they fit inside correct position around a rotor. The stator magnets are set in to a drum having a moving drum put inside this also is the reason why the rotor.  Once the magnets are aligned properly you only need to kick start the motor with a little push and there after it will keep going it’s own. All you should do then is fasten a rubber belt for the motor and fix this to some generator and you’ve got free electricity. The plans for building the unit are contained in the downloadable package, which shows stepwise demonstrations for your construction process. It has been simplified and condensed into clearer and into more bit by bit procedures from the team at Hojo Magnetic Motor.


Who is Howard Johnson?

He could be the inventor of the Hojo Motor and was one of the best inventors of history century who spent most of his life solely to understand the best way to produce energy that will create a magnetic generator for your home kitchen. Through his perseverance and dedication the Hojo Magnetic Motor was invented with the purpose of harnessing free energy to be channeled to powering appliances for the home. In time the “Hojo Motor” was  awarded 3 U.S. patents which is the only known device to be certified through the “U.S. Patent Office” built to produce free energy. It’s quite simply the most comprehensive, complete and precise guides to Hojo Magnetic Motor you’ll ever read.

Hojo Magnetic Motor Guide – The Bad Points

  • For anyone enthusiastic about exactly the simple construction details, there is lots of extraneous detail which may be of curiosity for some, but is not required to the successful construction of the high power magnet motor.
  • Even though the plans for constructing the entire version model are presented, they may not be as detailed as in the scale model.
  • There may be more discussion on the practical utilization of the free electricity generated through the static magnet Hojo Motor

Hojo Magnetic Motor Guide – The Good Points

  • The Hojo Magnetic Motor Team have assemble an astounding amount of information therein 204 page guide on how magnetic energy is produced you said it it may be harnessed for significant savings on your own power bill.  They have included as well a great many other practical suggestions regarding how to save energy in your own home.
  • The building  plans are quite obvious enough in order that anyone can build the magnet motor that is handy by incorporating basic tools based in the home.  If anyone has any doubts regarding the reliability in the guide to create a functional magnet generator the authors have included the main patent applications submitted by Dr. Johnson.
  • They’ve given detailed plans on how to construct this free energy magnetic motor from simple materials purchased from local electrical shops and/or on-line, costing about $100.
  • Of all the so-called free power-generating systems on the market today, the Hojo Magnetic Motor offers the most commitment of delivering an audio functioning product.  The efficiency of the system in producing energy definitely seems to be unsurpassed by other systems I have reviewed.

Hojo Magnetic Motor

How much does it cost to build the Hojo Magnetic Motor?

Well the fee is dependent upon how big is generator which you build as well as the one I built as being a test cost me lower than $100 plus it powers every one of the lighting inside my house. So at the guess I would tell develop a magnetic motor big enough to power your complete house could be below $300, which is a steal.

Why Should You Get Hojo Magnetic Motor Plans:

  • It is the only device that produces free energy with 3 U.S. patents!
  • Produces free electricity for people’s homes and appliances
  • Reduces their electricity bills each month by around 70% (on average)
  • Allows people to “fire” the greedy electricity companies and produce their own electricity
  • The “Hojo Magnetic Motor” was invented by “The Father of Spintronics” …Howard Johnson
  • Is easy to build and will save them thousands of dollars a year on electricity costs
  • The plans are VERY detailed and easy to follow
  • The plans and guide are much longer and much more detailed than other guides with actual complete information
  • The plans are EASY to folow even if you have no experience at all
  • The bonuese you will find in th emembers area are OUTSTANDING. They don’t even tell you about these though because I don’t think they want the energy corporations knowing about these.
  • And here comes th emost important thing: you can actually build a working magnetic generator from these plans

Bottom Line – Hojo Magnetic Motor Review

The Hojo Magnetic Motor construction guide quite the very best manual available on the way to construct an alternative energy device that could produce electrical energy  free of cost.  The plans are pretty  simple with obvious detail by detail guides meaning almost any person can construct this revolutionary product automatically.  The entire version in the magnetic motor was created to match the energy requirements in the average home. I believe the plans provided are of top-quality and considers newbie and beginner levels which makes the guide very useful to a lot of available. There are many tips, suggestions, pictures, and diagrams that come with the guide in order that should leave nothing to the imagination.  If you are currently buying system to make your own energy at home, I definitely think you ought to grab your hair a copy of this guide and inside a short time, start enjoying the benefits of energy.

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Hojo Magnetic Motor
Hojo Magnetic Motor
Hojo Magnetic Motor

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